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Welcome to the TréCreative blog! We are Stephen&Chelsey, the husband and wife team behind TréCreative Film&Photo. We love going on adventures together and finding new ways to love our TréCreative family. On our blog, you’ll get to meet our amazing couples, see some of our adventures unfold, and hear about wedding day tips&tricks! We’re so glad you’re here!

Chico California Wedding Photographer – A Backyard Estate Wedding – Jeff&Alex

This wedding has been one we were super excited about shooting for quite some time now!

For us, Jeff&Alex’s wedding was extra special because we LOVE these two and have gotten to know them since before even we were married.

Stephen moved back to Chico after college and launched full time into running TréCreative. During that time we met these two sweet friends. They weren’t dating at the time, but we got to be there from the start and see their relationship grow from friends, to dating, to calling each other fiancé! We feel EXTRA special because Jeff also invited us to be in on the proposal. We had the privilege to collaborate on and photograph it and later have it published in On the Go Bride!

We don’t always get to photograph our friend’s weddings but when we do we feel an overwhelming sense of honor and joy getting to be a part of the process while doing what we love. Jeff&Alex were married at a private estate here in Chico, California. We could not have asked for better lighting throughout the day and so many photo spots to choose from. The morning started out with a bit of rain but quickly cleared up and turned out to be the absolute perfect day!

From the moment we walked into the bridal suite, Alex was already radiant with joy and had that bridal glow. Jeff&Alex shared a first look which was full of happy tears which also returned as Alex walked down the aisle with her dad. Their ceremony was beautiful and full of pure love as these two committed to forever.

Jeff&Alex, we honor you for the way you have pursued, loved and served one another during dating, your engagement and now marriage! Together you are better and draw one another closer to God. Never stop dating each other and creating adventurous memories. We are excited for you to create a home together and see where your future leads!

Cheers to the new Mr.&Mrs. Salberg!


Molly Ryan took care of the flowers for Jeff&Alex’s wedding. Molly is seriously amazing and has created some of the most gorgeous bridal bouquets we have ever photographed!!

Cassandra from The Powder Room enhanced Alex’s already amazing beauty!



Love the color each girl chose for their bridesmaids dresses, stunning!

Love this gorgeous welcome sign and calligraphy by Rachel Allene!

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  1. Barb Cox says:

    Beautiful pictures! We weren’t able to attend, so it was a real treat to see these wonderful photographs. The spirit of the day was truly captured.

  2. Shanlea Schulz says:

    I cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed these pictures! You two are truly talented. What a beautiful day it was!

  3. Amanda D says:

    Whenever I get married, I would want a Ball Gown as well!!!

    LOVE the first photo posted of both Jeff and Alex in front of the Old Fashioned Red Car!!!

    The second pic that is my Favorite would be the last one posted with the Happy Couple Driving away in the Old Fashioned Red car!!

    Also LOVE the fact that it is Red, cuz Red is my FAVORITE Color of All Time!!

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