with every part of us, that your love story will be the most unmatchable adventure you ever commit to. It's one you can't plan. One that has no map. You can only make a promise and then show up and keep it.



At our depths, we are artists. We are here to creatively serve and love people with our craft.

We’ve been wedding photographers and videographers alongside one another for six years. We have loved every minute of serving our couples and their families.

The biggest compliment we receive throughout this journey, is that we become like family. We want to know our couples so we can create this memorable experience. 



• Passionate about making people feel seen and heard.

• Obsessed with travel & photographing pretty little details. 

• Hip-hop dance classes and shooting film are her jam.

• She'll take any chance to enjoy a good breakfast.

Without her, he would not know how to make an experience unforgettable.



• Tech guru who who often works best at night.

• Always dreaming of the next project or business adventure to embark on.

• Constantly pushing creative boundaries.

• Coffee connoisseur who enjoys a good pour over.

Without him, she would have not known the true value of generosity.


We're better together, making up for what the other lacks.


OUR Story starts off in high school...

After nine months of getting to know each other, we jumped into a rollercoaster of a long-distance relationship for the next four years.

From holiday breaks to summers spent working at a camp in the Santa Cruz mountains, we took every chance we could to see each other. We’ll always be thankful for that time working together—it was the thing that spurred this love for working alongside one another, a place where we grew the most, and the spot Stephen later proposed!

In those years, Stephen pursued a degree in film production and always knew he would become a creative entrepreneur. Chelsey had other plans, but as soon she picked up a camera she fell in love.

Soon after, TréCreative was founded and became our next adventure. TréCreative has grown over time and now takes us all over the world capturing stories through photo and video.

We truly believe marriage is a grand adventure.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 3.49.14 PM.png

MARRIAGE will take you to new and exciting places. ALONG THE WAY, real and raw conversations are VALUABLE.




The Tré in TréCreative means "Tree" in Icelandic. We are drawn to the metaphor of a tree for our business in many ways. We started TréCreative as an idea, small like a seed. Through slow growth over the years we have been able to put down deep roots and reach high and wide.

As a tree grows tall and strong, it is able to shelter others and give back to the world through it's fruit. When we started TréCreative, Iceland did not have much meaning beyond the fact it sounded better than TreeCreative. It has since become more meaningful. It is an inspiration and representation of our love for exploration and travel. The world is full of mysteries and natural wonders and we feel blessed to be able to see new places while doing what we love.