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Best Wedding Venues Northern California

For our newly engaged couples on the West Coast, looking for Northern California wedding venues is one of their first priorities on the wedding "to-do" list (second to contacting their photographer right? *wink wink*).

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Best Mexico Destination Wedding Venues with Photo and Video Examples

Over the last seven years of being in the wedding industry, we’ve had the privilege of traveling multiple times to different destination weddings all over Mexico. They have ranged from the more touristy areas of Cabo, to remote towns most people have never heard of. If you are from the States and planning a destination wedding in Mexico or anywhere abroad, the first thing we would suggest is reaching out to an experienced photographer and wedding planner. Many wedding photographers and other wedding vendors are more than willing to travel for destination weddings.

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Best Wedding Venues in Chico California With Examples

Congratulations on your recent engagement! One of the first exciting aspects of wedding planning is booking your wedding venue. While Chico, CA area has select number of wedding venues compared to larger cities like Sacramento or the Bay Area, there are many great options. After doing wedding photography in Chico full time for seven years, below is our all time favorite wedding venues here in the Chico area.

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Tips for Working With Your Spouse - Happy 7 Year Working Anniversary!

January is always a month that creeps up on us. Every year I almost forget a very special anniversary that happens for us this time of year. January marks our 11 year dating anniversary (almost six years married) and 7 years of running our business together. To find out how we started and launched our photography and videography business click the link here to read our full story!

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Best Engagement Photo Locations in San Francisco Bay Area

Over the years, we’ve been able to explore many iconic locations that we’d recommend to any couple looking for engagement photo spots in San Francisco. Even with the amount of times we’ve traveled to the city, there are still plenty of locations we would love to photograph. This blog post was created as a resource for our Bay Area couples but as well as anyone wanting photos in San Francisco. We’re including our own engagement sessions from areas we’d recommend as well as engagement locations we’d love to explore in the future!

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Wedding Photography Clothes - What Should I Wear

It seems a little strange to say we've been wedding photographers and videographers for over six years now.  We're so grateful for these years of growth and the amazing couples we get to work with every weekend.

We totally realize our systems may not be everyone else's preferences, but for us, these systems have been our saving grace. Everything from the way we outsource, plan our days, pack our gear, even down to the clothes we wear to shoot weddings.

We could talk a lot about these systems, but today we want to specifically share about the clothes we wear to shoot weddings. There's is an important WHY behind our clothes, it comes down to two main reasons.

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"Hiring A Photographer That Has Never Been To My Wedding Venue" - Debunking A Common Myth...

With six years under our belts as wedding photographers and videographers, we hear similar questions arise from potential TréBrides. Whenever we hear the same question asked more than once, we always try and use it as opportunity to write a blog post, educate our current brides or create a resource to serve any bride planning her wedding.

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Five Things to Consider When Booking a Wedding Venue

Happy New Year! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we’ve seen time and time again that the holidays are the most popular time of year for couples to get engaged. We’ve been seeing many new Facebook posts popping up sharing exciting engagement announcements and the number of inquiries in our email inbox also increased! For these newly engaged couples, now is a great time of year to start thinking about your future wedding venue.

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5 Items We Can't Live Without on a Wedding Day - Chico Photographer

In the last five years of being wedding photographers and videographers, we’ve come to realize that wedding days run so much smoother for us if we pack correctly. We always spend the day prior to the wedding charging and cleaning our equipment and making sure everything is packed the night before. Besides our photo and video equipment we always bring, below is our list of the top five random items we never leave home without!

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