Memorable Monday - I Can't Believe We Ate That!


I never thought I would be a morning person! In high school, I always told myself if I had the option to sleep in until 10am every morning I would take full advantage of that! Now that we run our own business full time from home and don't have a "boss" looking over our shoulder, the temptation to sleep in is very real! However, the longer we've been in business the more we realize how vital waking up early is for us!

Our Week

  • The start of the week we had an anniversary session with one of our past TréCreative couples. In fact, a year ago last Monday they celebrated their one year wedding anniversary which is the same day we took their photos! We love getting to see our past TréCreative couples and hear about the exciting events happening in their life! Seeing them felt like a little reunion and we had so much fun taking some portraits for them to celebrate their first year of being married!
  • After one of our Crossfit workouts this week, I was craving donuts (naturally) and we went to our favorite Donut Shop in Chico, the Donut Nook. I don't highly recommend this because it's so silly to eat that much sugar after a workout, but man did that donut taste good. I don't know what came over me that day. Usually we head straight home and eat eggs or some other kind of protein for breakfast. Oh my gosh, that donut was so good and totally worth the splurge!
  • We finished two major video projects this past week. One for a Kickstarter client that we are hoping to release soon that was filmed in Chico a few weeks ago. The other is a three part video vignette for Opus One, one of the premiere wineries in Napa Valley for the release of their 2013 Vintage. Stephen pulled a couple late nighters to finish both in one week but it's done now and we're so happy with how they turned out!
  • I signed up for a whole month membership for Hot Yoga. Hot Yoga is practicing yoga in what feels like a furnace! The room is so hot, by the end of the workout you're dripping sweat from head to toe! There are a lot of health benefits and toxins you can release from this type of Yoga. This is exactly something Stephen would never do! He HATES sweating and getting hot, so I'll be the only one attending the classes!
  • We live so close to Bidwell Park that after work hours I've been trying to get out of the house and go on a walk/run before we make dinner. This helps me clear my mind and breathe some fresh air since almost our entire day is spent indoors. While I'm going out on a run, Stephen is usually winding down his day by freshening up on his Kendama skills or playing video games. Lately he's been into Rocket League which is "basically FIFA with cars instead of soccer players" he says. That Kendama is still to date the best, and most affordable Christmas gift I have ever gotten him!
  • This past week, I've looked through almost all our old blog posts for a project we've been working on. It's amazing to look back and see skill building and growth over the last couple of years. We're looking forward to being in full swing with weddings soon and seeing how our brides and grooms personalize their weddings this year. The photo at the top was taken during our first full time wedding season together. David&Mia had so many personal touches throughout their wedding day and we loved how Mia handmade each of the groomsmen's wedding boutonnieres. Comment below with some favorite personal touches you've loved seeing at weddings?