Memorable Monday - Hype Dance Studio Edition


Happy Monday friends! We're currently recovering from yesterday's wedding and still drinking coffee to keep us motivated.

In the photography and videography industry, there's a term often used for the day after a wedding. It's called the wedding photographer "hangover". This has nothing to do with any alcohol, it just means in the morning after a full wedding day you move a little slower and feel the many miles of walking from the day before! Even with this feeling the day after a wedding, we wouldn't trade it for the world, we absolutely love what we do.

Besides shooting an amazing wedding on Sunday, I performed in three dance recitals between Friday and Saturday. If you missed my Instagram Story's behind the scenes, this post will include some pretty funny photos we took the first night of the performance. I talked a while back about my initial hesitation about starting this class and how I jumped out of my comfort zone. I have a dance and gymnastics background, but hip hop is very different than most of the dance styles I've ever done. This was a big learning curve for sure! I had so many friends and past brides message me and sending encouragement. I so appreciate you! In case you missed on Instagram, there are a few family photos we took afterward. There is a talk of a potential Fall Adult Hip Hop Class through Hype, so stay tuned, I may be dancing again!

Our Week

  • We woke up before the sun was up on Tuesday for an all-day commercial shoot for Butte County's Athlete Committed Program. This is our third year in a row doing projects for them and we love seeing it all come together.
  • Meal planning has been a big life saver for us these last few weeks. Between our personal commitments and photo sessions, it seems like we've had something almost every night of the week. Having pre-made food and dinners has made eating out happen less frequently which I'm really thankful for!
  • We chopped down two small trees in our front yard in hopes to create more natural directional light in our front living room. Taking away and trimming those trees totally did that and Stephen and I are so happy with the result and natural light it brings into our home.
  • We've stocked up again on La Croix for summer! We both drink one of these around 3pm just when we need a little afternoon pick-me-up! I'm curious, what's your favorite flavor?

Alright, enjoy some silly photos of me from the dance class!