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Memorable Monday - Hype Dance Studio Edition

In the photography and videography industry, there’s a term often used for the day after a wedding. It’s called the wedding photographer “hangover”. This has nothing to do with any alcohol, it just means in the morning after a full wedding day you move a little slower and feel the many miles of walking from the day before! Even with this feeling the day after a wedding, we wouldn’t trade it for the world, we absolutely love what we do.

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Fear Will Always Be There - Three Lessons From A Dance Class

Fear can paralyze you. Making you feel small. Making you want to turn and run away. Fear will always be there, it’s how you react to the fear that matters! I know this because that’s exactly how I felt a few weeks ago. If I’m really being honest, it’s often how I feel when making a new business decision or big personal decision. We all struggle with doubts and have fears to go along with them.  Personally, I like to weigh the odds and try to know what my outcome could be. I often want to grasp for control instead of stepping out and just rolling with the situation.

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