Memorable Monday - Gotta Catch Em' All!


Did you think Memorable Monday was going away? Not for a second! We took a two-week hiatus from posting these all with a good reason in mind. One week was my birthday and we wanted to spend the day completely turned off from social media. And last week we took a trip to Yosemite with our family. The internet wasn't so great and we didn't want to risk writing a post and having you not see it. This week we're back!

Our Week!

  • Our week felt really short to us. We were in Yosemite on Monday and drove back to Chico on Tuesday during the afternoon just in time for our monthly Tuesday's Together. First off though, Yosemite was AMAZING!! I don't think there are enough words for how magnificent, spectacular, jaw-dropping, beautiful (I think you get where I'm going :D ) the park was for us. As explained in our recap blog post, it had been on both of our bucket lists for quite some time now and we hope to be back again soon!
  • Tuesday's Together was the best! We seriously love these people so much. There are all kinds of photographers and creative entrepreneurs in our Chico group and we are so lucky to have them nearby! Some of these people we had not seen in a while so it felt a lot like a mini reunion.
  • I (Chelsey) had a dentist appointment last week. I typically dread these appointments. I think some of you can relate. It always seems like no matter what I do or how well I think I'm taking care of my teeth, my dentist always tells me I'm doing something wrong. This time to the dentist, the hygienist said my teeth look really good and I'm going a good job taking care of them. My hard work is paying off. Keep brushing those teeth folks ;)
  • With little surprise, I have to announce that Stephen is now playing Pokémon Go (who isn't!). I'm not much of an app or video game player, but Stephen is loving playing. The thing I love most about this app is how it's getting everyone outdoors more. Now Stephen will actually go on walks with me in the park after work :D I'm hoping this will continue!
  • We finally installed Grammarly on my computer. If you're a blogger, business owner or just want to spot misspellings and having poor grammar on your Facebook posts,  I highly recommend this free service. Even as I'm writing this I see red lines all over this blog post that I need to fix! Grammarly is basically a free grammar checker you can install on your computer, but the catch is it's WAY better than Word or other default spell checkers! This has been huge for me in blogger. I'm not the best speller or great at using proper punctuations so this really helps!
  • You might have seen on our Snapchat us running into one of our TréBrides at Target. Well, that sweet bride of ours was married to her handsome groom on Saturday! Thunder&Taylor were so much fun to photograph and a complete breath of fresh air. Enjoy a few teasers and behind the scenes of us in action below.