Memorable Monday - Happy Memorial Day!


A year ago today we had boxes packed and we were ready to start a new adventure. We had dreamt of owning a place of our own, of hosting lots of parties, and having our sweet TréCreative couples over. Most of all, we dreamed of creating a home where everyone who walks in feels excepted and loved! A year ago today, we moved into the TréCrib!  

Our week leading up to this big anniversary has caught us off guard. We've been very busy and as soon as our heads hit the pillows at night, we fall into a deep sleep. We really wouldn't want it any other way. We absolutely love doing this together! Here are some highlights from our week!

Our Week

  • We met with our financial advisor early in the week. These meetings always make me feel a little squeamish and uncomfortable. Money can be an uncomfortable topic, but the more Stephen and I have learned to manage our money and make it work for us, the more I feel comfortable about talking about it. When we were first married, we took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class from our church. This class was huge for us. It has laid the framework about how we want to be good stewards of our money. We really value generosity and want to teach our future kids one day the importance of having a healthy relationship with money.
  • I attended my great Uncle's funeral this week. Besides being completely squished in the back seat of my parent's car while riding down, I was so thankful to spend time with my extended family. My great uncle had been married to my great aunt for over 60 years. He was extremely hardworking and came from an Italian immigrant family. He was always the one in the family with a camera or video recorder in hand. As I was sitting in a pew at the church I was reminded again of the importance of our jobs. My uncle and aunt were one of the first in our family to have a wedding video. This was a beautiful gift he and his wife had for years to come. There are really no words for the importance Stephen and I feel for capturing precious memories on a wedding day. We want our couples to treasure these films and photos for years to come just like my uncles family has the privilege of doing even after their loved one is gone.
  • We spent an evening at the Sacramento Fair with one of our TréCreative couples for their fun-filled engagement session. Ricky&Anjelica wanted to do something different and add lots of vibrant colors to their photos. Although shooting at the Fair is not a common request for us, we loved how unique Ricky&Anjelica wanted their photos to turn out. Their blog post will be coming later this week!
  • Saturday we spent the whole day in Sacramento for David&Lyndsey's wedding. One of the aspects we love most about our jobs is getting to know our sweet couples. For us, David&Lyndsey were more like our friends on the wedding day instead of clients. We got together several times throughout the wedding process just to hang out and catch up! Their wedding was beautiful and we can't wait to share it with you!
  • On Sunday we rested and spent most of the day indoors until the evening. If you follow Stephen or I on Instagram, you saw that we got to wedding guests on Sunday. This is such a rare event for us because we're usually the ones shooting it! I told Stephen I didn't need to work out on Sunday because I worked all the calories from cake off on the dance floor! We slept good that night, that's for sure :D

Happy Monday friends, enjoy a little photo of us in the TréCrib, with our favorite wood wall and handmade chandelier!