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Last week, we started a four part blog series about our story and how Stephen and I met, started dating, and got engaged. We are on week two of this series. If you missed last week's, go ahead and click on the this link to read the first part and then come back over and read this section!


Our Story Part II

We left off, two weeks into dating, I ended things with Stephen. I know, such a high school thing to do! At the time, we had both been going to a local church's youth group in Chico and all of our friends were going to Winter Camp so we both signed up! Stephen hadn't stopped pursuing me up until this point, but right before camp he told me he was going to stop. He was getting burnt out and I kept leaving him on the fence whether or not I was willing to be in a relationship or not.

At camp, there was piano in one of the meeting rooms that Stephen would occasionally be playing. One of the afternoons, a group of us were hanging out together. Stephen was playing the piano and when I looked back again one of my girlfriends had joined him. I knew my friend didn't like him but just the thought of Stephen playing the piano and having feelings towards anyone else but me, made me so jealous!

It was then I had an aha moment at camp. If I was jealous of one of my friends just sitting next to Stephen, then I obviously had more feelings for him that I had been willing to admit to! After camp, we spent more time together and I finally told Stephen everything I had been feeling. I told him that besides what I was saying, I really did like him! And so Stephen became officially my boyfriend.

I knew Stephen would be going away to Southern California for film school as soon as he graduated but we both figured we would cross that bridge when we came to it. This sounds crazy but it was only three months into dating we both knew we wanted to marry each other. There as no question about staying together in a long distance relationship, we knew we wanted to make it work! That sounds wild for me to even admit to! Here I was, a 16 year old, saying I wanted to marry my high school boyfriend! I didn't fully know what love even meant or what it looked like long term, but we knew for sure we wanted to be together! We even told some of our friends this, who probably thought we were nuts!

The day finally came when Stephen was moving away for school. It was rough, really rough! I cried and was a miserable mess for a few weeks. It felt like forever until we would see each other again, and we didn't know how we'd survive the distance... but that story we'll have to save for next time, to be continued!