Memorable Monday - Weddings, Babies, and Kickstarter Films

While our "slow" off season has lasted much longer than years past, the last two weeks have been full of new projects and client meetings which is always exciting! These longer months of rest have been wonderful and totally needed. We've kept busy in the meantime by doing website maintenance, editing our new promo video (which we hope to premiere this week) and trying to pour into our community of wedding vendors and our past and current TréCreative couples. I'm just believing we have been slower for a reason, I'm believing God is preparing us for something bigger and I'm grateful for everything he's given us even when I can't see the full picture.

Our Week

  • You may have seen Stephen's Facebook casting call for a new Kickstarter video that is in the works. All last week we set aside about 4 hours almost every day for this new film we'll be finishing in Mid-March. It's an exciting new tech product that pairs perfectly with a smartphone. We love taking on new projects like these Kickstarter film productions throughout the year. It's always nice to mix it up with this type of shoot from our usual wedding and portrait sessions!

  • I got to spend some time with an amazing florist here in Chico, Molly from Molly Ryan Floral for a little photo-collaboration we're working on together! I can't give you all the details yet, but it had to do with pretty blue dye and fabric :D

  • On Friday, we shot our second wedding of the 2016 wedding season. Our couple, Chris&Lexi were married in Concord, CA and had their beautiful reception at Canyon View overlooking San Ramon. We love these two and can't wait to share with you more of this Bay Area wedding! Chris&Lexi are adorable! Their wedding was such a beautiful celebration bringing together their amazing family and friends.

  • After a late night driving home from the bay area wedding Friday, we slept in WAY past our usual wakeup time on Saturday! We didn't set an alarm which made it easy to stay under the warm covers! I love when we have slow mornings that allow us to ease into our day! What is your favorite day of the week?!? I'd love to hear your most relaxing morning routines in the comment section below!

  • On Sunday we spent time photographing and filming one of our favorite families in Chico! You've seen their cute son Hunter from the time his mom and dad announced they were pregnant until we revealed his birth story film. This amazing family is now expecting twin girls and we are once again honored to capture their journey from the beginning until these two little girls make their debut. Every time we see Scot&Kayla we feel like family! It has been an inspiring process for us! It's been amazing watching them become parents and now adding two more additions to their already beautiful family! I tell Kayla this every time I see her, but she is such a beautiful glowing prego mama! Scot is a wonderful dad and it's always a blast seeing this wonderful family!

  • Sunday afternoon we went wine tasting with friends at New Clairvaux in Vina and then that night I had a girls night as us gals got together to watch the Oscars. What a good way to end the weekend! Today we're hitting it hard with work as we're leaving soon for a destination wedding!