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Ten Year Vow Renewal Wedding Anniversary Film - Billy&Tristin // Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in Santa Cruz, CA

We had the honor of filming and photographing Billy&Tristin’s ten-year vow renewal in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. Thirty of their closest friends and family all traveled from Nevada to California to witness Billy&Tristin recite their vows in a peaceful spot surrounded by gorgeous Redwood trees.

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Gale Vineyards Wedding Videographer - Jeremy&Maggie's Wedding Love Story Film

Jeremy&Maggies day started off at Hotel Diamond, an iconic Chico hotel. Maggie, her bridesmaids, and both moms got ready up in the penthouse suite. Excitement was in the air as Maggie slipped into her dress. She was SO ready to see Jeremy.

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Sand Rock Farm Wedding Film - Jon&Megan

Jon&Megan’s wedding day was absolutely perfect. The gorgeously crafted details, the handwritten notes throughout the day, the personalized vows and speeches…pretty much a wedding videographer’s dream come true. We had the honor of photographing these two for their engagement and wedding but were also privileged to be their videographers for their wedding as well.

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