Sacramento Engagement Photographer - Sacramento Fair - Ricky&Anjelica

For our couples, we always imagine engagement sessions to be another excuse to dress up and go on a date together. What we love so most about Ricky&Anjelica's engagement session is they did just that! As we emailed back and forth with these two, from the beginning they wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary. Something that was fun and filled with bright colors. Anjelica did a little research and found the Sacramento County Fair was conveniently located an equal amount of distance between us. Ricky&Anjelica drove up from the Bay Area and we drove from Chico to meet them! We loved that these two thought outside of the box and chose something that reflected their personalities! Sacramento colorful fair engagement photographer

The fair indeed was super fun and was filled with lots of bright pops of color. We weaved in and out of the crowds of people, and did some creative cropping and make it seem like these two were the only ones around. Ricky&Anjelica are such champs for circling around the fair several times with us as we sought out the best light as the evening went on. We ended the evening picking up some of our favorite sweet treats. Stephen and I got a carmel apple and Ricky&Anjelica enjoyed their cotton candy and fresh squeezed lemonade :D

Anjelica took advice from the pages of our Bridal Guide and had her makeup professionally done. It turned out amazing! Anjelica is naturally so beautiful but adding that extra enhancement for engagement photos really made the photos pop! The couple will be getting married close to Chico later this summer at Taber Ranch! We can't wait to meet their extended families and spend the day with them!

Thanks Ricky&Anjelica for being up for an adventure ;)


Sacramento engagement photo session

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