Memorable Monday - Summer Heat!


Hey there friends! Hope you're off to a great start to your week and have been staying hydrated and out of the heat! We spent our Monday mostly out in that heat, but it was worth it!

This Memorable Monday post is coming to you late today because we had an all day shoot outdoors today! I know, crazy right?!? We've been out of the office all day on a commercial shoot all around Chico. I'll be totally honest, I neglected to wake up for my usual 5;30am alarm to write this post that's another reason it's being posted late today. Sorry about that readers! This goes to show, I need to learn more time management and go to bed earlier! It's been a full day, so I'll keep this post short and sweet!

Our Week

  • We had friends over this week for dinner. We made the main dish and they brought the sides. You might have seen my ridiculous posting on Snapchat last week! I'm still trying to maneuver through the app but so far we love posting some behind the scenes of our lives on there. You can follow along with us on snapchat at "trecreative".
  • Do you remember the Krenek family? We walked with them through the pregnancy process with their first born Hunter and now again for their twin girls Allie and Payton. Last week, we wrapped the last session on that film with them before we transition into post production, editing and delivering their final film! Scot&Kayla are AMAZING parents and it has been so beautiful to watch their hearts grow 2x as they welcome these new twin girls into their family. It's not just Scot&Kayla who we love though. Not only have we walked with them, but we've walked with their entire family. Seeing them all over the years has made our hearts burst with excitement and joy for them all. They are really special people!
  • Together with one of our destination wedding couples for next year, we drove up Highway 99 toward Red Bluff for their engagement session. We'll be introducing to you Gary&Kasandra later this week. Eek! We can't wait!!
  • Stephen and I got in several fights this week all having to do with house chores. I sometimes feel like he's not doing enough and he feels he will never be able to do enough around the house to make me happy. It really comes down to communication and setting clear expectations. We can't read each other's minds even though we sometimes expect the other person too! We're not perfect, we're far from it! Everyday we need God's grace and everyday we're trying to fight for one another instead of against one another. Marriage isn't always rainbows and butterflies, but it's totally worth it. Being a team is the best.
  • I'll end this Memorable Monday with sharing a photo of our weddings from last weekend at Gover Ranch. Trevor&Bailey got married on a really hot day in June but nothing could rob them from their joy of getting married. We loved being around their encouraging and positive energy. More from their wedding coming very soon!