Memorable Monday - Chico State Graduation


One of the things I love about getting closer to summer is the amount of extra light we have to enjoy! The sun rises early and sets late, making our day feel extra long. We've really been trying to wake up early and work out around 6am. With the sun rising early, it has really made it so much easier to get out of bed. We've enjoyed this morning routine as we punch through our to-do lists. Happy Monday friends!

Our Week

  • We were contacted super last minute to film a new program happening here in Chico. This program is in partnership with the Torres Shelter and rehabilitation centers like Chico Creek Care and Rehab Center. The residents at Chico Creek spent a morning cutting and prepping food to serve at the Torres Shelter later in the evening. Most of the members at Chico Creek are elderly and some have cognitive or physical disabilities. The idea was created to give residents purpose and feel like they can still give back and be active members in the community (which they can!). What made us most excited about this project was working with and getting to know the residents. Some of these men and women have amazing stories and hearts of gold. They were incredibly eager and excited to help serve needy families here in Chico. One line that I kept hearing over and over from the residents was it doesn't matter if it takes them longer to prepare this meal, or that they may need extra help, they can still play a vital part is serving and loving others who need it most. Although we love our wedding couples deeply and sharing their stories, we loved being a part of helping share a completely different project here in Chico this week!
  • I had another work day with my friends Katie and Katelyn! We're planning another work day in the future and plan on opening it up to any other creative entrepreneurs in the Chico area. It can be lonely and isolating working at home by yourself. Keep an eye out for more info on our Tuesday's Together group :D
  • On Friday we went on a double date with Stephen's parents to celebrate Stephen's mom's birthday! We love spending time with his parents and catching up. Both Stephen and I have always appreciated Lou&Shirley's honesty and wisdom they are constantly sharing with us! They are amazing parents and supporters to us!
  • On Saturday, it marked three years since I graduated from Chico State. That also meant it's been three years for me personally going full time with TréCreative. Crazy right!?! It took Stephen awhile ton convince me to make the jump to full time, but I'm so glad I did! It seems like we've had our business for so long and at the same time it also feels like yesterday that I jumped in for this wild ride. We have absolutely loved being business owners. I feel like it has grown my character and faith in God in ways I could have never dreamt of. I am extremely humbled and grateful for this amazing business that we have grown together!
  • On Saturday my older brother graduated from Chico State. Casey went into the army and after finishing his service he went back to school. Since having a sibling in the military, my heart has become increasingly softened toward military families. I get teary eyed even in airports when I see active service members in uniform. I'm eternally grateful for their service and sacrifice! Mom got front row seats at graduation and as they announced Casey's name I stood on top of our chairs, screamed as loud as I could and probably looked like the biggest fool! It didn't matter, I was one proud sis! Below are some quick graduation photos we snapped over the weekend of this celebration.

About this time next year, all the siblings will be Chico State Grads!

Proud mom and dad!

Grandma is so cute!