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Patrick Ranch Chico Wedding Photographer - Mason&Holly

When your foundation is built on solid ground, no rainstorm, natural disaster or unplanned life events can shake you.

Mason and Holly have just that, a foundation built on solid love and trust. Regardless of the many unforeseen events leading up to their wedding day, they have faced it, hand in hand, unshaken.

What a beautiful wedding to kick off the start to our 2019 wedding season. We’re honored to know these two and can’t wait to see the lifetime of joy they have ahead of them.

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Wedding Photographers in California - 2018 TréCreative Behind the Scenes

As we look back on 2018, we are filled with so much gratitude in our hearts. We’re beyond grateful for every wedding, every newborn session, and every commercial client we’ve been given the opportunity to create a legacy for. Our deepest desire is that the footage we capture and the images we deliver will always remind our couples why they chose each other. That it would be a visual representation of the legacy of love they are creating for future generations.

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Working With Your Spouse

When we're at weddings, at church, or out and about in the community, people always seem intrigued that we’re able to work together as husband and wife team. That we're able to enjoy what we do, and not totally kill each other.

Early in our marriage, I was shocked that so many people had this viewpoint of working with their spouse. The longer I’ve been married, the more realization of how rare this can be done well. Marriage is hard enough by itself, and yet adding a working partner can cause even more complications.

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